200 + Birthday Wishes for Sister – Happy Birthday Sister messages

200 + Birthday Wishes for Sister – Happy Birthday Sister messages

Hello friends, if it is your sister's birthday and you are looking for happy birthday for your sister, we have brought you a large collection of birthday wishes for Sister  in this post. Today is a happy moment, we know that today is your darling sister's birthday and you want to wish her first. Friends, no matter how much we quarrel with each other, the brother-sister relationship is very special.

200 + Birthday Wishes for Sister – Happy Birthday Sister messages

Happy birthday wishes to my lovely  big sister

The most loving, sweet, beautiful and in the world
 Happy Birthday to the best sister!

 May all the dreams of your life come true
 And this is the god prayer for you to get full happiness in life
 Good luck for your next life

 My crazy, loving, caring and sweet little sister,
 My life is incomplete without you!
 Happy birthday sister

 Arguing over everything, always sniffing
 But when the time comes, my cute sister takes my side
 Lots of love darlings, happy birthday dhame!

 Sister I can't imagine my life without you
 You are the special person in my life!
 Happy birthday sister

 Happy birthday to my sister who looks bigger than me!
 Happy Birthday My Little Sister

 To the best sister in the world with the most beautiful heart
 Happy Birthday
 I love you so much!

 Never lose the sweet smile on your face
 Not because you deserve all the pleasures of life
 Thank you for always being with me,
 Happy birthday to my sweet sister!

 My sister argues with me, but without saying anything to me
 I understand everything and today is our little baby's birthday!

 The most different is my sister
 My sister is the most loving
 Who says happiness is everything in life
 For me, my sister is everything

 You have a beautiful relationship with me, don't look at your happiness!
 Happy Birthday My Little Sister

 I am so lucky because I have a sister
 Got a good girlfriend and
 Not everyone has a good heart like you!
 Happy birthday sister

Always arguing over everything but telling Baba the name
 When the time comes, there is always a sister standing behind you!
 Happy birthday to such a cute sister

 Happy birthday to my dear sister
 You're not just my sister, you're a good friend,
 I'm proud to have a sister like you!

 Tai I am very lucky because I have
 There is a caring and loving sister like you!
 Happy Birthday sister

 I'm so lucky
 I got a sister,
 Understanding the feelings in my mind,
 I got a mate,
 You are my sister
 Today I got you as a sister

 I know a lot of times I tease you and talk a lot,
 But I have no one else to take care of you!

Birthday Messages for Sister

 We always argue but I don't say anything
 You always know my heart
 Happy Birthday to my sister 

 Let this day come again and again
 This is what my mind says
 You live thousands of years
 This is my wish today sister!
 Happy Birthday sister

 I have received unconditional love from you
 How to put it in these two words, you always be happy,
 Let's celebrate your birthday very much!

 There is no better friend than a sister
 And there is no better sister in the world than you!
 Happy birthday to my sweet sister

 O God, let the warmth of your prayers be on my sister
 Let my sister's house be decorated with all the pleasures!

 My loving, sweet, caring crazy
 Happy birthday to sister
 My life is incomplete without you!
 Happy Birthday sister

 Your heart is full of love like the ocean ..
 Sometimes you think of me as your mother.
 Only you can understand my feelings.
 My eyes are filled with sorrow.
 You are so kind to me,
 Sometimes, you feel very strong.
 Confidence in the mind is awakened only because of you.
 You give us patience
 May you always be happy!
 Happy Birthday sister

heart touching birthday wishes for sister

It is said that happiness is all where I am
 For me, my sister is more precious than happiness

 I have got so much love for you
 how can i say this in two words
 May you be happy always with this prayer aaja celebrate your birthday

 Name your sister on the heights of the sky
 Your sister should be on the earth of the moon
 we live in a small world
 But may God rule the whole world, your sister

  cries over talk, quarrels, fights
 Sister is like innocent, she is full of mercy
 Allah has mercy sister
 happy birthday sweet sister

 we live in your heart
 so bear all the pain
 Let no one wish you before us
 That's why in advance say happy birthday sister

 happy birthday
 what gift should i give you sister
 just accept it
 millions love you

 May the festival of happiness always adorn
 May you be beautiful every moment
 You are so happy in life that
 may happiness be yours too
 happy birthday to you my sister

 every hard seat
 be happy in every moment
 be beautiful every day
 so be your whole life
 happy birthday sweet sister

 My elder sister
 There are stars in the sky as much as your life
 Let no one see you, every happiness in the world is yours.

 My pen was always urs and so were my pants
 Happy Birthday to you brother.

 smile on your lips every moment
 You were ignorant of every sorrow
 with whom your life smells
 always be that person with you

 this time is special
 Brother's hand is in sister's hands today
 Oh sister, I have something special for you too
 my sister for your happiness
 my blessings are always with you
 very happy birthday

 cries over talk, quarrels, fights
 naughty sister
 are full of mercy
 Allah has mercy sister
 happy birthday sweet sister

 What a gift on this auspicious occasion of birthday
 let you sister just accept it
 Do you love me millions of millions
 happy birthday from

 May every day of yours make you more happy than every day
 May God give you that life even a moment of sorrow
 happy birthday flowing

Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

Good looks run in our family. I am glad to have such an amazing and beautiful big sister like you. Happy Birthday sister.

Are you coming home this time or I have to chase you there? Save me from the wrath of Mom. You know I love you; big sister and I wish you have the best birthday.

No one understands me better than you. On this day, I wish you a very enjoyable birthday. I’m going to make sure you have a lot of fun. Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday to the one I look up to the most! Thank you for being my savior and warrior! I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

Happy birthday to my one and only sister! Thank you for always inspiring me with your positive thoughts and actions. May you have an extremely fun day, Sis!

Happy birthday, sister! Without any doubts, the world would be an amazing place if there were more people like you! You are one of the kinds! I love you.

Short birthday wishes for sister

 My childhood would have been incomplete without a sister like you. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy birthday

 I am very proud of the fact that even though you are the youngest, sometimes you behave like a big person. Happy birthday


 Happy Birthday to your cool sister! When the day is around us, it is bright and fun.


  It's great to have a sister like you! I wish you all the best in the world. Happy birthday

  I hope you have a bright birthday dear sister and it will be full of exciting opportunities next year! Reach out to those stars, I believe in you!

  If I want to choose someone as my sister, I choose you! I know you are a good sister and a nice girl. Happy birthday

 Today could be the beginning of a wonderful, bright and happy year.

  I dreamed that there was no better sister than this. You are my best friend and partner in crime. Life will be dull without you. Happy birthday

  Have a wonderful birthday here and a wonderful year ahead, I hope all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday Tai!


  You are a beautiful person, a faithful friend and such a special sister. Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into my life. I hope you have a great birthday!


  I am so grateful that you are my sister, I can't imagine life without you! Thanks for being amazing! Happy birthday


  Happy Birthday to my dear sister, all your dreams will come true on your special day!

  Happy birthday dear sister You are mine so I think I am a good sister to you, I make you lucky. Thank you for always believing in me and making me happy in life!

  Happy Birthday to my amazing twin sister. I am so lucky to have so many special things to share with you on our birthday!

  Happy Birthday to my dear sister! You are a wonderful person and deserve a lot of joy on your special day. I hope it is full of joy and happiness!

  You are truly my inspiration and role model. Thank you for being an amazing sister and friend. I hope you have a happy birthday!

  Happy Birthday to my dear sister! This coming year will still be the best!

  I am lucky to have a sweet and cool sister like you! I hope your day is filled with joy and you have a special year ahead. Happy birthday


  Relax and enjoy your birthday, this is your special day to shine! Who cares if you’re a year older? You are wiser, more experienced and ready to take on whatever you have in life! You got it!

emotional birthday wishes for sister

All the wealth of the world isn’t enough to compensate for the love of a sister. So, I do not want to miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday.

Hey, you are my cute, loving sister. For you every day I find plenty of reasons to be delighted. Happy Birthday, sister.

A birthday cake is always good, but to me, a sister with a birthday cake is undoubtedly great. Happy Birthday, Sister.

Wardrobes can’t get any trendier, breakups can’t get any easier, school can’t get any nicer and life can’t get any better – when a girl has an amazing sister. Happy birthday, sis.

Nobody can give a hug quite like a sister. Thanks for all of the hugs. I hope that I can give you one for your birthday.

Sisters are precious than any other valuable things. I know you are my best friend and guide forever. Happy Birthday.

A sister is like a different flower from the same garden – that’s why the sun was shining so tenderly on your side. Happy Birthday.

You are the reason for whom my childhood days were so colorful, and I had so much fun. Thank you for all those wonderful memories. Happy Birthday, little sis.

Sis, thank you for being there for me. I feel so lucky having you by my side as we grow older. May you have the most special birthday and hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthday, Sis.

It‘s so great to have such an amazing sister like you in my life. Congratulations on your birthday. Stay cool.

Birthday Wishes for sister from another mother

Have fun my dear and enjoy your day. God bless your new age. Higher and greater heights in all your ways. Congratulations on your special day. May you graciously!

Enjoy your special day. More success in all your endeavours. I wish you more fruitful years ahead. Happy birthday sweetheart, God bless your new age.

 God bless you with loads of blessings as you mark your day. Happy birthday my big sister, l wish you all the best in life as you age with grace.

 Happy birthday to you. More blissful years ahead. May God bless your new age, bigger you I pray. Wishing you more wisdom, grace and all the good things that life has to offer in this new age.

 You have been a great blessing to everyone around you. God continues to bless, protect and favour you. Happy birthday to you pretty sister.

 May the Good Lord continue to be with you, protect you and bless your new age. Happy birthday my sister. More grace and mercy on me!

 Wishing you all the best in life with long life and prosperity. God bless your new age. Happy birthday to you, age with plenty of grace cheers.

 Welcome to your season of laughter and celebrations. Happy birthday dear sister. God bless you with many more peaceful years.

funny birthday wishes for big sister

Take your gift
 And give me a great party
 Happy Birthday Ghost.

 She looks sweet
 Mute she stays
 But she still has a lot of attitude
 Happy Birthday Attitude Queen.

 Enjoy life to the fullest
 Just don't forget to just party

 Hey kid
 You have 10 tracks
 5 trains
 And filling 1 plane
 Millions of happy birthdays

 Sorrow and pain should be kept away from you
 You should be known only happily
 That's all I want
 May happiness always be on your face
 Happy Birthday to my sweetheart

 Live your life honestly
 Eat slowly and yours
 Also learn to lie about age
 Happy Birthday!

 An expensive gift for you
 But I was going to take
 Suddenly noticed
 You are old now
 Also, a lot of gifts were given last year
 So just good luck this year
 And that's all there is to love.  Not working

 My childhood is as naughty as yours
 Would have been incomplete without the sister
 I remember those days when the mind gets lost
 Happy Sweet Day today

 My aunt
 May you have as many lives as there are stars in the sky
 Don't look at anyone, always have a happy life ..

 That I saw in a dream
 There is no better sister than this
 You are my best friend and
 You are a partner in crime
 Life will be dull without you
 Happy birthday

 Sisters are like a rainbow
 They bring 7 great emotions into your life
 Happiness, laughter, anger, jealousy, dreams, surprises and friendship
 You are the rainbow of my life
 Happy birthday dear sister

 I'm proud
 To be your younger sister
 Tai wish you happy birthday

 Today there will be a discussion in the city
 Dj will play, everyone will dance,
 Dhingana will be c pori
 Because it's your birthday
 And for me, it's special

 All single kids
 To Madam with Role Model
 Happy Wall Birthday.

 Single Life Is the Best
 Happy Birthday to Pori walking on this Rule.

 Across the square
 Play this song in Xing Xing Zig
 And by full heap
 Happy Birthday Crazy.

 Mother pronounced later
 The second word is tai,
 To our dear Tai
 Happy birthday very much
 When my mother passed away, you became our support,
 Giving so much love to the endless ocean
 Kelas, thank you for us,
 Wearing God's own
 Kelsey made our siblings dream come true.
 Millions of happy birthday tai

 The moons are from the moon
 The night is cool from the moonlight
 Life is cool at night
 And my sister is the strongest in the world
 Happy Birthday Heroin.

 You with me
 No matter how much you argue
 I know though
 You love me so much
 Love you sister… Happy Birthday.

 Argues over everything
 Always a runny nose
 But when the time comes, he takes my side
 My cute sister
 Too much love darling
 Happy Birthday Dhame.

 You have a beautiful relationship with me
 Don't look at your happiness
 Happy Birthday 

 The secret in my mind
 I know without telling anyone
 Happy birthday to my sister

 Although I always find myself
 Makes like a fool
 Still you look great
 I like to do everything
 Happy birthday to your cool sister.

 My sister is my friend forever.

 Living together since childhood,
 While playing Bhatukali,
 While studying together,
 And having fun in the garden,
 How often have you been bored!
 But still love in the heart, Maya
 It was just like childhood
 It is the same today.
 On the contrary, in the course of time
 She became more and more strong.
 All the credit goes to you
 And to your loving nature!
 God bless you forever

 Caring like you
 Manmurad loving Tai
 Nowhere in the world.
 Happy Birthday Sister

 Every born God to me
 Give a sister like you
 This is my wish
 Happy birthday to my sister

 I am very lucky
 I got a sister
 Understanding the feelings in my mind
 I got a mate
 You should be my sister every time you are born
 Today you give me
 You got it as a sister
 Happy Birthday to my sister

 Today is a special day
 May you have a long life
 Didi, happy birthday to you ..!

 These happy moments of your birthday
 Happy life to you
 Keep raining
 And I will be in your debt for the rest of my life
 Happy birthday to sister very much

 To my darling sister
 Happy birthday
 This coming year will be the best for you!

 Happy birthday
 It's too late.
 But in a short time, it's up to you
 Will reach directly.

 I laughed a little too much because of you
 I cried a little and laughed a lot
 A sister has a small childhood
 Which can never be lost

 You really are the best tai in the world
 Get what you want
 Happy Birthday Dear Sister

 The most beloved in our family
 And darlings
 To my aunt
 Happy birthday

 You take care of me every day
 But today is my day
 To take care of you
 Happy Birthday.

 Filled with happy moments
 You should have a life
 This is my wish
 Happy birthday ..!

 About living one more year

 Good luck to you!
 Happy birthday too!

 Tai you are the source of inspiration for me
 You have become my friend more than my sister
 Happy birthday to you ..!

 As your birthday present
 This one sentence,
 I forget you
 Never possible.
 Happy birthday sister

 My sweet
 Those who love like crazy
 To a loving sister
 Happy birthday

 Of my love story
 To Love Guru + Best Advisor
 Happy Birthday.

 Although you everyday
 Not arguing
 Yet you with a mecca
 Can't live without talking
 Love You Sister
 Happy Birthday.

 At this stage of life
 In your new world
 Let new dreams blossom
 Let your desires, hopes and aspirations soar
 My only wish in mind
 May you have a prosperous life
 Happy birthday

 For having a sister like you
 I'm really lucky
 That is my prayer to the Lord
 You rejoice and
 Achieve longevity.

 Happy birthday ..!
 May the coming year be a great year for you
 Happy Birthday my Sister

 There will be thousands of relationships
 But one such relationship in that thousand relationships
 Which is against a thousand relationships
 She is accompanied by a sister
 Happy Birthday Sister

 Everything you want in life
 Be able to achieve
 I love you so much and
 Happy birthday
 Let's live a better life
 Have fun today Happy Birthday

 A wonderful birthday here
 And there is an amazing year ahead
 I hope so
 All your dreams have come true!
 Happy Birthday sister

 To my dear sister
 Happy birthday
 On your special day
 All your dreams will come true!

 You are a wonderful person
 And on your special day
 You deserve so much joy
 I hope so
 It is full of joy and happiness!
 To my dear sister
 Happy birthday

 You really are for me
 You are the inspiration and the ideal
 An amazing sister and
 Thanks for being a friend
 I hope so
 One of your birthdays will be a birthday party

 Sweet and cool sister like you
 I'm lucky
 I hope so
 Your day is full of joy
 And you have a special year ahead.
 Happy birthday

 I love you
 Surprise, joy and
 Wants to give a life of prosperity
 It's too easy for me
 Because of me for my dear sister
 Always want the best.
 Happy birthday

 Sister is the form of mother
 Sister is love
 Sister is happiness
 Sister means faith
 Sister is the one who laughs and cries
 A sister is a brother
 Sister is the companion of happiness and sorrow
 A sister is crazy for a brother
 Sister is fun
 Sister is the one who goes head to head sometimes
 But with a lifetime in mind

 Sister is the fairy on earth
 You are familiar to me
 To my darling sister
 Happy birthday very much

 The ones closest to my heart
 My most caring
 My sister
 Happy Birthday

 Having my best girlfriend
 My sister
 Happy birthday

 Jilla about me
 Everything is clear
 And in the work I do
 Which is always supported
 To my dear sister
 Happy birthday

 Today is a very special day for me
 Because it's someone's birthday today
 Happy Birthday Crazy

 Crying but laughing
 If he wakes up, he sleeps
 Not a mother but cares like a mother
 Happy Birthday sister

 Life is made of moments
 Keep selling every moment,
 Happy at the moment
 Keep boiling,
 There are also moments of sorrow
 Pillaves pretty well
 Be it defeat or victory
 Harsh Asudet always money
 Every moment of life
 Keep up the good work.
 Happy birthday

 Cute Heroine
 Rhythm Heavy Personality
 Dangerous to speak of, and
 Which always throws hand in hand
 Steals the minds of all children
 Happy Birthday to my Model sister

 10 Reject children who show attitude
 Proposed to 2 children
 1012 Children on Waiting
 And one of them is mine
 Handsome Daji makers
 Happy Birthday to Zipper Pori.

 Talk to you soon and keep up the good content
 That's so low
 I compliment her
 Never get tired
 Happy Birthday to my sister.

 You are really very lucky man
 You have met a brother like me
 Which always drives you crazy
 Yes no
 Happy Birthday.

 Whose things always make me laugh
 Brings a cool smile on my face
 Happy Birthday to my sister

 My sister argues with me,
 But without saying anything to me
 Understands everything I have and today
 It's our little kid's birthday.
 Happy Birthday Khadus Chhoti.

 But by Rada at school
 Believing in a simple lifestyle
 Happy Birthday to my sister.

 With brilliant personalities
 Zipper to you
 From Smart Brother
 Happy Birthday.

 You can grow up every year
 But for me you
 Always live as my little loving sister
 Happy birthday

 We are coincidentally sisters
 But we are friends by choice
 You will always be loved
 Happy birthday

 Heroine in appearance but behind
 Happy Birthday to my Model sister
 They also forbid
 Just party now, hurry up!

 I know that
 I have been stuck with you all my life
 But even though I chose another sister
 I choose you
 You are a very nice person
 And me to be your sister
 Is happy.

 It means to have a sister
 It’s like having a good friend

 Be successful and prosperous
 Tai you are long-lived
 Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

 The most different is my sister
 My sister is the most loving
 Who says happiness is everything in life
 For me, my sister is everything
 Happy Birthday to my darling sister

 Infinite love like the ocean
 Full in your heart
 Sometimes you tell me
 You think it's my mother
 To my feelings
 Only you understand
 Although mild
 You give strength by being strong in difficult situations
 Happy birthday to you sister


 Happy Birthday
 May all your dreams come true
 Your birthday will be remembered for a lifetime
 Such memories should be stored
 Happy birthday very much

 She is father's fairy
 The shadow is like that of a mother
 Sometimes loving, sometimes angry
 This is my mother's poem

 I was wrong
 Sister takes my side
 Speaking of sweet sweet words
 Finally the blow backs up

 Dear sister
 My relationship with you is special
 Because you have a different place in my life
 As a child, we had the most quarrels
 So that's what love is all about
 Ours is on each other
 Without saying you recognize the confusion in my mind
 So don't pay too much attention
 Explains nicely in fewer words
 The simple salad you make is tasty
 So everyone wants Panipuri made by you
 You cried near me for the first time when you went to your father-in-law
 Love that was never expressed that day
 Be happy like this, be happy, this is the desire
 Happy birthday to you sister

 May you have all the happiness in the world
 May all your dreams come true
 Happy Birthday Tayde

 Loving as much as you
 Having fun
 Sister in charge
 There will be no other in this world
 The ones who love me the most
 To my aunt
 Happy Birthday

 The grandchildren gave love
 You completed this family
 May your every wish be fulfilled
 Happy Birthday!

 As long as you understand
 No one else understood
 Happy Birthday Sister

 My inspiration and
 To my loving aunt who is the guide
 Happy Birthday

 I received it from God
 The best gift is you
 Happy Birthday Dear Sister

 Every year
 Your growing sophistication
 Happiness should be in your life forever
 This is the prayer to God
 Happy Birthday Dear Sister

 All my mistakes in front of my father
 Taking on oneself
 Always following me
 To my loving sister
 Happy birthday

 I'm sure
 Your arguments will continue like this
 But love will continue to grow every moment
 Happy Birthday Dear Sister

 Our natures do not match at all
 But which is close to my heart
 That's my aunt
 Happy birthday

 There are 365 days in each year
 There are 30 days in a month
 It's one of my favorite days
 It's your birthday
 Happy birthday sister.

 Mom took care of me later
 And understanding
 You are
 Happy Birthday dear sister

 Sorrow and pain from you
 Stay away
 You should be known only happily
 That's all I want
 May happiness always be on your face
 Happy Birthday to my Goduli.

 Stay strong in my prayers
 Always full of flowers and joy
 Stay at my sister's house.

 Thousands of stars in the sky
 But there is no one like the moon
 Millions of faces appear on earth
 But there is no one like you
 Happy Birthday 

 To the best sister in the world
 Happy birthday
 Spent with you
 Childhood memories
 I still remember.
 Happy Birthday my Sister


 Is Any Happy Birthday Wishes for sister in marathi language text
 It takes care of me now more than it bothered me as a child.  Get what you want

 You get what you want in your life, and your love for me should be like that forever.

 Last Line
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